Friday, October 23, 2009

Timberland, The Boat Shoe

Timberland is breaking all kinds of common perceptions about the brand with their new line of fashion-forward shoes and boots that have a distinctively old-world vibe. And while there is a likeness within this family, dubbed Timberland Boot Company, each has its own personality and sense of purpose. For example, the classic boat shoe or deck shoe, originally designed in 1935 by Paul Sperry, was simple with a soft sole to avoid scratching the newly waxed deck of your 50ft schooner. Well, it's come a long way, and with a tougher sole, sturdier construction, suede upper and removable comfort insole, the Timberland Boot Company throws us the ultimate spring shoe remedy...great with shorts, casual slacks and light-weight denim. I recommend no socks to avoid looking like a tourist in your own city.


photos by celia woodburn

text by celia woodburn

for Halo Shoes blog

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