Friday, October 23, 2009

The Softer Side of Timberland Boots

Depending on your generational perspective, you either associate the name Timberland with heavy-duty, steel-toed work boots better suited for tromping through demolition zones than for street wear. Or, you think of Timberland as the finishing accessory on a sagging, thuggish-ruggish hip-hopper on MTV.

Either way, old world design, supple leathers and earthy color pallets aren't the first descriptives that come to mind when Timberland is uttered. These new styles, however, are casual without being frumpy and certainly appeal to the urban sensibility of us creative, design-conscious Pacific Northwesters. Construction worker, rap star, hobbit? No. Relaxed, cool and confident? Try a pair on and find out...

photos by celia woodburn
text by celia woodburn
for Halo Shoes blog

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